Assignment four – Installation

I had scouted out the local wood and picked an ash tree to ‘dress’, but on the way to it, picked out a more suitable specimen:

I took along all 7 triangles so I had the option to hang as many as would work whilst on site and used fishing wire to hang these in place. Hanging the first of these identified problems with the work spinning rapidly in the wind, so holes were added in the corners and attached to branches on the ground. This worked to hold them still, but meant that the work couldn’t be walked under due to many invisible wires going down to the ground! I also soon found out that I should have practiced some knots before I headed out!

After three triangles had been hung up, I decided that was sufficient and proceeded to take photographs of the pieces in place.

The video below may make you feel sea-sick as the ground was very rough to walk over!

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