Assignment four – Preparation

I decided to link this to my parallel project and produce work based on ash dieback.

My initial idea was to use it as a test for the ash dieback fungus drawings I intend to produce as part of my parallel project, cut them into circles, stick them back to back and then hang from an ash tree.

Thinking this through, I questioned myself “why circles?”. It has no meaning, and is just a shape that might look good hung in a tree. It would also spin in the wind which might not be wanted?

Thinking about other possibilities, a triangle came to mind. On its own, this shape is similarly meaningless. However, using the language of road signs, it is a warning sign, especially with a red outline. This is exactly the message I want to get across. It also offers the opportunity to secure the corners to the ground if I didn’t want it to turn in the wind.

I started out making a small  triangle on card, before realising it would be far too small and would be lost when hung from a tree.

I dug out some larger black card and made 6 more triangles at the largest size I could manage. After drawing on 2 of these, I realised I needed to go more illustrative as these needed to be easily viewable and identifiable from a distance.

The last 4 worked better when I used cut out paper to create the designs.

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