Printmaking 1 assessment result

I received a mark of 58% for this course – a much better result than my bare scrape through the drawing course, which was a huge relief.

The area I fell down in was “Context”, only achieving 9 marks out of 20 with a result of “Variable levels of self-reflection and research, and poor analysis and synthesis of information”. My overall comments were:

Your technical skills have been enhanced by the exploration of some fruitful avenues of enquiry through the combination of method and idea; try to develop these aspects of practice as you move forward. Try to establish more of a dialogue with the process of making in order to develop more of an instinctive approach which might offer up some surprises.

In future be much more rigorous in your comment and include more reflection rather than description. It is important to include comment on relevant artists that you look at.

 I have been addressing some of these issues in my sculpture 1 course, but it is clear that I need to increase my research and commentary of different artists going forwards.

Overall I am very happy with this result.

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