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Overall Evaluation

Learning Journey

I feel I have come a long way in my journey through this course. At the outset of the course I was enjoying producing sculptures but had not developed a style that was mine. I feel that I have now started to develop that style and have a much clearer view on the direction in which I am taking my work. I have more confidence with my main working materials of bronze and steel and have challenged myself to produce ambitious work.

I now have two main bodies of work that I am going to develop further, my map tiles and my pollen/microscopic sculptures.

Throughout level 1 I had completed the research elements of the course in a perfunctory way and it was a noticeable weakness in my results. In this course I have carried out research in more depth, have begun to enjoy it more, incorporate it into my work, and now appreciate the benefits of carrying this out well.

I still need to do more to address my other weakness which is in my drawings, moving on to study drawing 2 is therefore daunting, but hopefully will be beneficial to me.

Selected work

Part 1 – ‘Resurgence’ from my project work included. This piece has more presence and a stronger form than the other work, it also fits better with my other work in using rusted steel. Assignment 1 piece ‘Sanctuary’ included in supporting work.

Part 2 – No work from this stage is included in my selected work. The project work I completed for this section was not all successful, ‘Wing’ was too contrived, the bronze sphere in ‘Box’ worked well, but the sculpture as a whole was less successful, ‘Untitled’ (included in supporting work) worked the best and was a precursor to my Assignment 3 piece. My assignment piece ‘Target’ is the piece that worked best in this section, but as it doesn’t fit with my other work I have included it in my supporting work.

Part 3 – ‘Organic abstraction’ was chosen from my project work as a successful translation of my initial drawn idea and although different to my developing style, still similar in the use of steel and bronze (or plaster painted to look like bronze). ‘Organic carving’ is submitted as supporting work as it had a fairly successful outcome, but I didn’t feel that it contained any meaning for me. The assignment piece ‘Untitled’ had some issues in the design and construction of the piece, but the form and concept work well. This work led on to ‘Decaying pollen 2’ which was completed after the assignment and is now part of a body of work I am developing.

Part 4 – I produced a series of 8 sculptures for this stage so have just selected two of the original assignment pieces ‘Conistone Moor’ and ‘Howgills’. I have also included development work completed after the assignment was submitted in ‘Fractured Landscape’, the start of a new series I am developing.

Part 5 – I completed 4 sculptures for this section and have included all of these except ‘Animalcule 1’, which was not as successful as the other three due to the internal forms used.

All these works are being submitted digitally, with the exception of ‘Conistone Moor’ which I will post.

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Work Submitted

Body of Work

01 Resurgence 03 Organic abstraction03 A3 Untitled 03 A3D Decaying pollen 2 04 A4 Conistone 04 A4 Howgills04 A4D Fractured landscape 05 A5 Captured Passion05 A5 Animalcule 205 A5 Animalcule 3

Supporting Work

01 Assignment 1 Sanctuary 02 Stage 2 Project Untitled 03 Assignment 2 Target 04 Stage 3 Project Organic Carving

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