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Assignment three: Tutor Feedback

I had a very encouraging tutorial with the following main points:

  1. Agreed to deviate from the course content for the next stage to embark on making a body of work now for assignments four and five – this is much more exciting for me than following the course content for stage 4.

  2. My sketchbook was said to be good – this is a major step forwards for me! – this is the first time this has been said about my sketchbook so I need to learn from this both in my next sketchbooks, but also in trying to translate my sketchbook work into larger formats.

  3. He was happy with the way my research and blog was going (although I think I can still up my game in the research area).

  4. He recognised that I am developing a personal voice which I also have recognised, but it is welcome to see that it has come through in my work.

  5. Time management – I am running out of time to complete the course so I need to get cracking to finish within the 2 years and have a strategy to complete it (which may mean not submitting ‘finished’ objects, especially if continuing with my use of bronze).

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