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Project: Planes sculpture – Constructing

Constructing these sculptures required working with several different materials.

The bronze spheres were produced in wax using a plaster mould from a polystyrene ball. These were carved to add the water-worn patterns, then cut in half to cast.

P1040298 P1040299

Once cast, they were tidied up, welded back together, holes drilled through and steel rod inserted, then patinated and waxed. I was really pleased with the way the colours worked on these.

P1040399 Sphere 1 Sphere 2 Spheres welded on

The steel shapes were cut out of sheet steel with a jigsaw or cutting disk on an angle grinder, texture was added to some pieces using a grinding disk, then the pieces were welded together and tidied up.

P1040398 Wing before patina

Once assembled together, some pieces were treated with the bronze patination chemicals, others with a rust accelerator and then treated to seal and protect the metal from further rusting.

Metal innerBox middle 1 Box middle 2


The wooden box for one of the sculptures was cut out of plywood, charred with a blow torch, stained and then further darkened with a dark varnish.


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