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Assignment 1 – Tutor feedback

I had a very useful telephone tutorial with my tutor Jim Unsworth at the end of Part 1. We discussed my strengths – making, but more importantly for me, my weaknesses – critical thinking / writing, observational drawing work and research.

As a result of this he suggested quite a few changes to my blog and ‘resurgence’ sculpture:

  • Research – my exhibition visit posts were mostly descriptive of what I had seen, not an analysis of the work. This has been changed now.
  • Artist statement and thoughts on my ‘Resurgence’ sculpture have been expanded.
  • Research – add research on commissioned work. Now added.
  • ‘Resurgence’ sculpture – on my tutor’s suggestion I tried removing the boulders at base and the green cloth as he pointed out that these distract from the sculpture. This has improved the work. Re-photographed and filmed the work.

Going back and amending this work has helped me in working out what I need to change going forwards. Hopefully this will show through in the next stages.

For future work:

  • Use white paper and increase contrast – the work I have scanned looks better on screen than the actual work due to contrast changes.
  • Make drawings like I make sculpture – explore the material and forget what it looks like. More experimental.
  • Develop large drawings and sculptures at the same time; open things out; investigate through drawing and making.
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