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Overall Evaluation

Learning Journey

I started the Drawing 2 course with confidence in tonal charcoal drawing, but little confidence in drawing with any other media. I also had a disconnect between my drawing and sculpture work.

This course has helped me to identify the type of drawings I wish to produce, which are ones which combine random and planned mark making, and are made up of varied and interesting marks. I have also identified a number of techniques to enable me to achieve this, using ink, rust printing, gunpowder and burning and have developed confidence in using them. These techniques, and aligning my drawing and sculpture inspirations of microscopy and landscape, have brought the two practices closer together. I will continue to develop this link and experiment further with the techniques.

I feel I have got past my fear of not being very good at drawing and have found methods and materials that I enjoy using and express what I am trying to say.

Selected Work

My selection of assessment work and the reasoning behind selecting it.

1) Part 1, Assignment 1: The 2 most successful drawings from a series of 10 (individual images and a video of the combined work is available on my blog). The combination of the close up human forms in charcoal and ink brain cells came from my interest in microscopic images and is one of my experiments in combining media.

2) Part 2, Project 3: Narrative: A re-visiting work after my tutor’s feedback on my original submission which resulted in a more interesting image open to investigation and interpretation.

3) Part 2, Assignment 2: Combining ink, charcoal, rust and gunpowder. The result is a bit of a cluttered image, but it shows the start of my journey in using my favoured materials.

4) Part 3, Project 3: Important for me in discovering ways to add randomness to my images through the use of drawing machines and rust printing.

5) Part 3, Assignment 3: Combining rust printing and detailed ink drawing and becoming less representational.

6) Part 4, Project 3: A section from an installation work (the full installation images and video is available on my blog), working on a bigger scale.

7) Part 5, Project 2: An artist’s book which explored different mark marking through burning.

8) Part 5, Project 3: Exploring contours and larger scale doodling.

9) Part 5, Project 4: Combining life drawing in charcoal and rust printing.

10) Part 5, Assignment 5: Introducing randomness through burying paper and then using that as a start of a drawing.

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