Assignment 5 – Tutor Feedback

My tutor’s overall comments on this stage were:

You have progressed well and are gaining the confidence to be bolder, more experimental and willing to take risks. All that is good – keep it going as you move on into another course.

He provided some useful tips on moving from 2D to 3D which I will try out.

On the assignment piece:

I think this is a strong and confident piece of work which compels the spectator to engage with the subject. I like the way the more flowing rhythms of the figure are set against the geometry of the background photographs. I like the fact that these also carry personal meaning in terms of your transition from photography to drawing.  I agree with your assessment ref tonal values – stronger tonal contrasts in the portrait would bring it forward out of the background and enhance the depth of the image as well. Other areas needing attention – the head and neck do not sit comfortably on the shoulders and the dark shadow inside the collar gives a detached feel to the neck which should be visible as it goes into the shadow of the collar. The shoulder and arm partially hidden by the easel are flat, lacking the volume of the opposite shoulder.  Could you have given a little more depth and richness to the texture of the jacket by more overlays of pastel? Further studies of the structure of facial features will add conviction to future portrait work, as would some studies of flesh tones. These criticisms do not detract from what I think is a successful culmination to your course.

After a lot of hard work, this is a pleasing outcome to my first level 1 course. No time to waste though, it’s on with my printmaking!

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