Assignment 5 – Reflection

I managed to cover most of my aims for this stage of the course and have ended up with an assignment drawing I am very pleased with.

Demonstration of Technical and Visual Skills

Materials: I tried out a lot of new materials during this stage and experimented more. Pastels were the medium I used most of and enjoyed, so it made sense to carry on using these into the assignment piece. Working with a coloured background worked well for me in the drawings through this stage so I carried on with that also.

Techniques: I have used a mixture of straight pastel marks and blending the pastel into the background and other colours using my finger / a tissue.

Observational skills: I think I have got the proportions pretty spot on with this drawing and it certainly looks like me.

Visual awareness: I think I have captured the tonal range quite well in this image, and the colours in the face and body.

Design and compositional skills: I like the composition I have ended up with, both in the placing of the elements, and the meaning it has for me.

Quality of Outcome

Content: I think the white of the picture mounts in the background could be worked better to give a denser colour, the boulder photograph in the background could be better depicted, the shadow around the eye is a bit too dark (and from a distance resembles a black eye!), and the right ear is a bit too pink. Overall though I am very happy with this image.

Application of knowledge: I set out to produce a figure drawing in colour and put what I had learnt in my experiments into practice in producing this image.

Presentation of work in a coherent manner: This blog is the record of my work, with my accompanying sketchbook.

Discernment: I think the composition, choice of materials and application of them works well.

Conceptualisation of thoughts: The thinking in this image was around the composition, both in how to simplify the background and give the picture meaning for me – showing me working on a drawing and moving away from just photography as shown by the prints in the background. A greater tonal range was reserved for the figure to make it stand out against a lighter, more even toned background.

Communication of ideas: I think this drawing communicates the idea I had in mind.

Demonstration of Creativity

Imagination: I have produced an image with strong composition, placed the various elements well within the frame and I think used my imagination well.

Experimentation: This is evidenced in the work throughout this stage and my experimentation with pastels evident in my final drawing.

Invention: I worked on the pastel in a number of ways, blending colours with my fingers / tissue, overlaying colours to get the result I was looking for.

Development of a personal voice: I am getting more and more confident in my drawing and as some of my images look like they were done by the same person, I must be developing a style.


Reflection: Overall I am please with the drawing. Some elements could be improved, but possibly not now without overworking the image, so I think I have stopped work on it at about the right time. I also think I have made the right decisions in composition, materials and techniques for what I was planning to achieve.

Research: Most of my research has been done whilst experimenting with techniques and materials through this stage of the course.

Critical thinking (learning log): This post and the others through this stage of the course covers this.

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