I thought it would be interesting to note down my current feelings on “art”, to see how they change over the length of this course.

My definition of “art” – a man made object which elicits an emotional response.

In my opinion, art seems to fall into two/four categories:

  1. Beautiful
  2. Meaningful
  3. Both
  4. Neither

I view a lot of modern art as being complete rubbish (category 4) – that may well be from a lack of understanding, but it will be interesting to see how my opinion of it changes! What I enjoy about art is those objects which I feel fall into categories 1 and 3, and my worry is that in studying it too much will lead me to producing objects which fall into category 2 (which other people will then view as category 4)! What I hope, is that I will produce work in category 3 – work which can be viewed simply as a beautiful object, but which has some meaning (if only to me).

Only time will tell…..

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