Signing up to the sculpture course was my hope at the start of my OCA journey, but it seemed dependant on having a workshop space to work in. Starting out doing drawing seemed like a good background study, and a house move opened up the opportunity of having a suitable workshop.

Whilst I am completing my drawing and printing courses, I am converting my garage into a workshop and also doing some sculpture related studies.

Stone carving

A 5 week evening class giving an introduction to stone carving resulted in the following:

Stone carving practice

My practice stone piece making a curved edge (hard work!) and practising some lettering (easier).

My letter piece:

Stone Carving

Probably only useful for me to create bases / plinths for sculpture as I am not likely to become an expert in this, but it was a good fun course.


I definitely want to try doing metal sculpture, so learning to weld seemed like an important skill to acquire. After questioning a sculptor whose work I admire (Darrell Evanes), I opted for MiG welding and completed a City and Guilds level 1 course in this.

My exciting final pieces!


I then got to play with TiG welding as well which was much neater and a more slow contemplative form of welding, although harder to get right.

It was a very process driven course, focussed on producing the five weld pieces shown in the image, but hopefully knowing how to weld correctly will help in my sculpture work.


Another 5 week evening class to give an introduction to this skill which was good fun.

My first three completed pieces:


More to come, but as I may use them as presents I’ll not put them on here yet!

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