Exercise – Self Portraits

A couple of small self-portraits to start with. The first in pastel trying to use bold and bright colours:

Pastel SP

My measurement is out on this drawing with my nose and right eye being the most “out”. However, I enjoyed using the bold bright colours and I am pleased with the resulting image. The use of a coloured sugar paper for the background also worked well with this medium.

For the next image, I started out with a watered down black acrylic ink to get the basic shapes in, then added fibre pen colours mostly in the shadow areas, then added some extra colour using pastels over the top of these areas:

Ink Pen Pastel SP

I’m pleased with this image also and hope to continue to experiment further with different mixtures of coloured media.

Next I moved onto a larger image, working on A0 paper this time. I chose a green paper to try this out on which is too green as it gives the whole image a green cast, but you live and learn! In holding up a plastic frame, I thought it might be interesting to include this frame in my image:

A1 Pastel

The frame may have added interest, but in cutting up my face, it made it difficult to get the proportions and colour consistency across the parts. It also was not a good position to hold for comfort, and in holding up the frame with my drawing hand, I had to remember its position, then put down the frame to draw it in, this has resulted in a right hand which doesn’t look right. I think I was being a bit too adventurous too early on!

Going for A1 cream pastel paper next, I decided to do a head and shoulders only self-portrait. I sketched in the outlines with a white pastel/chalk(?) and then went into pastel:

Self in pastels

I think the eyes are too large, my right ear is too large and my left one not the right shape at the bottom. Some of the colours aren’t what I wanted either, but I had a restricted palette of pastels to work with. I think I’m getting closer to a representation of myself with each attempt though which is good!

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