Exercise – Using colour


My aim is to use colour throughout this entire stage, so all the work for this will fall under this exercise.

Included here is my first attempt at a pastel drawing:

A2 nude in pastel

This drawing was done over two life drawing evening classes and it shows as it is a drawing of 2 halves! The top left (head down to left arm) was done on one session, the rest of the body and background was done the next.

As my first pastel drawing I’m quite pleased with this, but it could be improved in many ways, the main one being completing the work in one session, or at least working on the whole body at the same time so a break is not so noticeable.

A couple of other pastel drawings, one where the proportions work, the other where they don’t!

P1010282 P1010283

A later pastel life drawing:

Pastel on green paper

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