Stage 5 plan

Combining all these plans and ideas together gives:

General thoughts

  1. Work in colour throughout and achieve more depth to these images
  2. Try using stipples and dots to depict an image again
  3. Explore the use of bold bright colours
  4. Do more self portraits
  5. Use media that force you away from a dependence on line only, eg, brush and ink/water-colour wash, the side of a piece of charcoal or pastel
  6. Keep on exploring the use of charcoal and similar media, eg pastels (oil and soft), conte
  7. do an ink drawing direct in pen without doing the “safe” thing of drawing in pencil first

Specific ideas

  1. Self portraits:
    1. in the style of Rembrandt’s Self-portrait as a young man
    2. in the style of van Gogh’s, Self Portrait with Felt Hat
    3. As suggested by Betty Edwards book “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain”
    4. make studies of the individual features of the face – eyes, nose, mouth, etc.
  2. Drawings:
    1. In the style of Caio Locke’s pastel figure drawings
    2. use soft pastel on A2 paper and work lightly from within the pose using the side of the medium (this way you are forced to think in terms of tone rather than line). Continue to model and mould the forms as if you were using clay, at the same time darkening the tones in selected areas to render the forms. (See Seurat’s conte drawings)
    3. Using stipples and dots
    4. Using ink and brush + exploring more different media

I’ll also try to fit in the course exercises, although achieving all of this with only two months left on the course is maybe a touch optimistic.

Well, I’d better get cracking then!

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