Stage 5 is my chance to consolidate what I have learned, refl­ect on exercises that I have especially enjoyed and to evaluate my progress. The starting point for this is to make a brief entry for each exercise and assignment undertaken so far detailing successes and problems that I have encountered.

Stage 1

Overall my mark making and texture experiments were perhaps a little unadventurous. At the start of the course, my early still life drawings were clearly not drawn in perspective as the tops of the jars/etc. show. When working in tone and form, I quite like my attempt at drawing a single ball, although the lines used would work better as long complete lines:

Tone 4

However, overall my tone drawing lacked much tonal range and my skills in using charcoal have come on since this stage.

My second assignment drawing was my best image from this stage:

Assignment 1b

Stage 2

Again, looking back I can see that my experiments with colour were not very adventurous also. My line drawings also lack variation in the thickness / use of line. I quite like my drawing of a branch, although it needs better hatching and more tonal variation on the left hand side of the branch:

Detailed Observation

Using stipples and dots to depict an image might be interesting to try again.

Overall, my work in colour is a lot more flat than my monochrome work. This colour image was my most successful one working through this stage:

Aubergine on a plate

My assignment piece was OK, but definitely lacks much depth to it or enough tonal range:

Assignment 2 04

Stage 3

Looking back my landscape sketches all seem to lack depth. I was quite pleased with the sketch below at the time, but it now lacks enough interest and variation for me:


Apart from my image of a single tree (below), my drawings of trees did not work very well.

Individual  Tree

My early perspective drawings were OK, but improved a lot up to my assignment piece which I am still pleased with, despite the lack of sufficient aerial perspective:


Stage 4

Drawing people really grabbed my interest and although a lot of my quick sketches were very crude and have a dependence on line, I produced some pleasing drawings when I had longer to spend on the subject. Attending life drawing classes also improved my work in this stage.


My self-portraits were average, this one being the best one:


And I also enjoyed this study of my hand:


I was pleased with both my assignment pieces for this stage, with the tone drawing being the much stronger image:

A4Line drawing penA4Tone drawing


I think my drawing skills have improved a lot through this course, and looking back it is pleasing to see how I have progressed. In terms of unfinished business/work going forwards, I have identified the following:

  • Try using stipples and dots to depict an image again.
  • My colour work needs a lot more depth
  • My self-portraits need work
  • Try more detailed studies
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