Assignment 3 – Tutor Feedback

My tutor overall comments are that I need to produce more work so that I have a larger body to select from for assessment. He also encourages be to be adventurous in terms of both media and my use of them, taking more risks, experimentation with mark-making and using a variety of media individually and in combination. These are very interesting observations as they are similar to my printmaking tutors advice! I obviously need to work on this area.

On the assignment, he commented that the tones of the far background might be better lighter thereby enhancing the sense of receding space. Definitely something I agree with, but struggled with when doing the drawing as that was where the darker tones were in the deep shadows. I should have done some more preparatory sketches to get these tones right before committing to the final piece. He also commented that he would be interested to me doing a similar study in colour.

I submitted assignment 4 at the same time as assignment 3, so taking this advice forward will have to be done in stage 5.

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