Assignment 4 – Tone

A2 drawing in charcoal.

As instructed, I posed my model in a reclining pose, lying on a sofa, with contrasting toned clothes and strong light one major light source from a lamp.

This drawing was also done whilst on holiday, but there were many more options to position the furniture and model (with the light source a little more fixed as it needed to be on a table). My initial sketches to try to work this out:


I experimented with armchairs or sofa and the position of these in relation to the background, ending up with the final composition of lying on a sofa looking up the model and cropped in closely.

A4Tone photographI used pencil for the sketches, but went for using charcoal in the actual drawing as I have had the most success depicting tone in this medium.

I started out by laying down a light background of charcoal as I find it much easier to work on this as it allows you to rub out lines easily and use a putty rubber to bring out the highlights.

A4Tone drawingI am very pleased with the way this image turned out, the main problem is that my wife looks like she is crying! I got a little detail into the face which looked right (if sad), and decided not to fiddle with it in case I messed it up. I also didn’t want to keep labouring the detail here as to get it right might require small detail in a drawing more about shape and tone. I think I have also got the ear a little too far back on the head as well. Overall I like the image though and think that the light from the lamp has worked really well in bringing out the shape and tone.

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