Project – Reflected light

Exercise – Study of light reflected from one object to another

Reflected Light 1

The light source was to the left of the image, with an additional source from the window behind the objects (which can be seen reflected in the saucepan lid).

I think this worked quite well and I was pleased with the outcome.

Exercise – Shadows and reflected light and shade

Reflected Light 2

The light source was to the left of the image, with additional sources from behind (window) and above.

This was quite a challenge working with charcoal, not only because I am not familiar with the medium, but also because the toaster was a complicated object to try to draw with it. Charcoal seems to be more suited to less detailed work than what I was attempting to produce.

I’m pleased with the basic shapes in this image, but think more work could be done to represent the full range of tones.

Research point – Patrick Caulfield


Patrick Caulfield was a printmaker and painter who produced very simplified images, using big flat areas of colour and a bold style. He is associated with pop art.

White Ware

Images of his ‘White Ware’ screen prints

Patrick Caulfield

My drawings in his style. I’m not sure you can get the uniform flat colours of his work without producing them as prints. Here I tried two different methods with oil pastels and watercolour pencils. I got too carried away with the oil pastels in the first image and forgot to leave the vase white!

Check and log

What are the difficulties in separating cast shadow from reflected light and shade?

  • I think the only difficulties come from your expectation of where the shadows will fall based on the direction of the light sources. I think drawing teaches you to look closer at what you are drawing and, as long as you do that, it doesn’t matter where the light and shade is, as long as you take the time to look properly at it all.

The reflected shadow and light follows the contours of the objects. How have you shown this in your drawing?

  • I have drawn all my lines following the contours of the objects, or direction of light if flat.
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