Assignment 3 – View from a window or an open door

I chose a scene from my mother-in-law’s house whilst I was house/cat sitting there:


Preliminary sketches:


My preliminary sketches were pretty rough and ready as the options for varying the image were quite limited. The outcome of them was to go for a portrait format, close to the open door, with the door open as wide as it could go.

After mulling it over for a while, I decided to try doing this with pen and ink, so started out working in pencil to get the perspective right (the grid is matching the viewfinder I made myself out of a piece of plastic with lines drawn on it):


Despite thinking I’d measured everything correctly, once I put the doormat in, I realised that my doorway was too tall and thin.

Rather than continue with this, I started again, measuring more carefully and it looked better:


I adding ink outlines to the sketch, doing a quick reference sketch to work out which lines needed to be bolder:


I forgot to photograph the image at this point, but I’ve gone all detailed again – maybe that is just my style and I have to accept it? I would like to explore more simplified abstract images, but always seem to end up going into great detail.

I stalled a little at this point. I was happy with the image so far, but how to continue with it? I needed to add tone and also needed to decide if colour should be introduced.

I had a bit of a look at pen and wash images on the web and looked at the following images:

Rural Landscape (pen and ink wash on paper) – Brill or Bril, Paul

Landscape with a lake (pen and ink and wash on paper) – Harden, John

Wooded Landscape with the Temptation of Christ (pen and grey ink, brush and w/c on paper) – Vinckboons, David

Cattle Resting (pen & ink on paper) – Hills, Robert

Landscape (pen & ink on paper) – Bruegel, Pieter the Elder

The Flock and the Star (pen and brush in ink over pencil and ink) – Palmer, Samuel

I noticed how the ink colour faded as it went into the background, so I used diluted ink to add the leaf textures into the background (beyond the wall) in my image.

I couldn’t find any images with small areas of colour, which would be what I was thinking about for the flowers, so I decided to stick with grey-black for this drawing.

I had a little tinker around with ink washes:


Along with testing the intensity of the wash before applying it, I started out with slightly diluted ink and kept diluting more and more as I went through the image. Unfortunately I ran out of ink so had to do this again which resulted in some of the tones which should have been the same, coming out differently.

My final image:


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