Assignment 2 – First Relief Prints

Assignment 2 asks for a selection of prints from projects 5-7.

Contents of my submission

Task 1

2 prints of my lino test cuts


Task 2

3 single colour linocut prints (1 initial print on sugar paper & 2 of the final cut on Arches Velin 160iw and Hosho paper)

Lino014Scene print 3

1 additional linocut print (on Somerset newsprint 250gsm)

Man print

Task 3

Multi-block linocut prints (Hosho paper – dense print)

Three colour dense

Multi-block linocut prints (BKF Rivers 280gsm paper – mid dense print)

Three colour mid

Multi-block linocut prints (Somerset newsprint 250gsm paper – grainy print)

Three colour grainy

This last one suffers from incorrect registration of the red ink, but I like the grainy effect of the print. I had a better registered print on cartridge paper, but the black ink is refusing to dry!

Green linocut print

Green print 2

Red linocut print

Red print

Black linocut print

Black print

Assessment criteria

Demonstration of technical and visual skills

I think all the prints have come out well. There are some areas which could be improved on the multi-block prints, but more in the cutting of the blocks than with the registration when printing (although I did get registration problems on the Somerset newsprint print with the red ink). I also got some ink on the edges of the Hosho print which I found difficult to place on the block because it is such a thin paper.

I am getting a better grip of the printing processes and the difference the papers make, although I still struggle to get the ink coverage equal across the print.

Quality of outcome

I am very pleased with the prints submitted for this assignment. The one I’d do differently if I did it again would be the multi-block print where I’d chose an image which has the three colours throughout the image and I’d learn from my problems of using transparent inks!

Demonstration of creativity

I think I have demonstrated creativity with these prints. Again, the multi-block print is the one which could be improved in this respect as this print doesn’t have as many different textures / lines.


All my background work for this assignment is in this blog and for my next assignment I need to concentrate on producing a good accompanying sketchbook and also reviewing other artists work.

Tutor Feedback

Feedback from this assignment is that whilst the prints are to a good standard, I have not developed my ideas far from their original source resulting in a drop in standard from my first assignment. Due to other commitments whilst carrying out this work it is very true that I have not been focussed enough on making the best work I can for this assignment.

My tutor encourages me to take more risks with my subject and working processes to help me to develop my creative and imaginative skills. I should develop my ideas further, experiment with altering colours / adding patterns / etc.

I also failed to include a sketchbook for my assignment despite it being suggested after assignment 1 – something which will definitely be remedied in my next assignment submission.

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