Project 6 – Single colour linocut

Choosing an image

I started out planning to print the following landscape image:

D11022 Parcival Hall



However, once I drew the image in bold black pen, I realised that I would have a large area of white “dead” space in the bottom right corner of the image.

I then looked through some of my other images and decided that this one would contain more interest and offer a challenge:


Sketches of my chosen image:



Planning the image

Chalk drawing of the image on black paper:


I didn’t find this very useful for getting any detail, but it did show up that I needed to create some different textures for the fields and that the trees would need some cutting to avoid being completely black.

I made some rough sketches of what these textures could be:


Reversing the design on lino

I chose to reverse the design on the lino as the person looking from the left into the image gives a stronger image than from the right, so I transferred the image using tracing paper.

Image drawn onto the lino in permanent black pen:


Lino cut with textures added in the fields:


Printing the lino

I chose not to proof the image by rubbing with tracing paper, choosing to go straight for printing it, for which I used a “dense black” oil based ink on several different types of paper:


This showed up a few areas which needed improvement – the lines in the sky, the top of some of the trees and the edge of the bank of trees.

After cleaning the lino, I re-cut these areas and produced some more prints:

Scene print 3

This was much better around the edge of the trees, but maybe I should have left a few lines in the sky?

Additional single-block lino

When visiting Kilnsey Show (an agricultural show), I took some photographs of people for potential linocuts and decided to do a single colour print of this chap:

Kilnsey Show

I sketched this out, just going for the outline of the man initially:


When tracing over it, I realised that some of his body wouldn’t show up (black against black), so I added in the drystone wall to remedy this:


I didn’t bother reversing the image as I thought it would work equally well in reverse.

I cut the lino bigger than needed to make the edges work better:


The lino cut down:

Man lino 2

The print:

Man print

Although some areas could be improved, I was pleased with this print.

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