Tutor Feedback

Some very encouraging comments by my tutor. There is a comment about my parallel project being a little thin overall, but she recognises the time it has taken to produce the work. With more time there could have been more experimentation, but these drawings are the way my work is moving at the moment and that experimentation will have to continue after the completion of this course.

My tutor would like to see more in-depth critique of my own work on my blog. I will see how much of this I can add to my blog before the assessment submission deadline.

As to where my drawings go next, I don’t think they will increase in size as I have limitations in my work area and storage, but I enjoy working at this scale now which I guess comes with increased confidence in my work. I will be continuing to experiment with the different mark-making methods used in these pieces and working more on bringing my drawings and sculptures together through shared themes.

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