My parallel project work is closely linked to the work I have carried out throughout this course and comes about as a result of the following investigations into materials and maps:

Part 2
Mark making using burning
Rust printing
Using maps
Mixing burning and other media

Part 3
Rust printing, burning and maps
Rust printing and ink

Part 4
Ash dieback

Part 5
Burning experiments
Burning, ink and contour drawing
Rust printing

Critical Review
This is all about ‘How do artists bring about environmental change?’. In my parallel project I am looking to bring to attention the impact ash dieback is going to have on the Yorkshire Dales. In my critical review, I discover that tackling environmental issues is an area fraught with difficulties and something we are quite frankly not very good at. Ash dieback is a prime example of that. You would have thought that the planting of more trees would be the most ecological action you could undertake, but importing trees from abroad to do this was what brought the disease into this country and now threatens countless trees all over the country.

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