Assignment 5 – Tutor Feedback

My tutor felt I have made some marked improvements in my personal enquiry, academic rigour and approach to drawing through this assignment and my ideas are now becoming much more synchronised, which is very encouraging.

She suggested I add in images into my blog for each artist I have referenced in my research. I am very aware that my blog is very sparse on other artist’s images, but with it being open to the public, I cannot add images taken from books/websites without impinging on copyright issues, so I have only included images I have taken myself when visiting exhibitions. I will see if there are some images available with copyright appropriate to display on my blog. She also points out that with the images I do include, I need to reference them academically to avoid copyright issues, so I will look into this and make amendments.

I believe the information I need to add to the Frank Auerbach images is:

(Auberbach, 1960)


Auberbach, F. (1960) Maples Demolitions, Euston Road [oil on board] 148.6 x 153.7 cm At: Leeds: Leeds Art Gallery.

I have amended my blog post with these details.

One other area I picked up on the report that I need to look at is that with my parallel project, there is a lot of crossover happening with my project work, so I need to be sure to reference this across the assessment submission.

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