Assignment 5 – Final Images

The buried paper and cloth had great random marks on them and offered a lot of potential and I decided to present these as triptychs.

Decay for me is linked to discovery, of interesting objects/textures/etc. And wondering about the origins and previous uses/lives of objects. This ties in with my fascination with maps as a way of discovering new places or hidden evidence of old settlements/etc. So the first 3 images I decided to draw on the paper pieces were maps of the area in which they were buried.

The cloth pieces were reminiscent of a shroud, so I decided to do something different for this. At a recent life drawing session we drew a pregnant model who was going to have to give birth to a still-born baby. This was quite an emotional session and resulted in two drawing, a quick sketch and a longer drawing.

I gave the longer drawing to the model, so I only have the short sketch.

I decided to re-draw this onto the cloth pieces from three different angles (the 2 angles I didn’t draw imagined views).

These were very delicate pieces so I mounted them in a foamboard frame to protect them. I had assumed that I’d made the cloth and paper pieces the same size when I cut the frames, but the cloth pieces were actually bigger and then didn’t fit. As I didn’t have any more foamboard to re-do and time constraints meant I couldn’t wait to order any more, I had to cut down the cloth pieces to fit the frames I had made.

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