Project 4: Time and the viewer

The aim of this project is to make a drawing which forces the viewer to use time differently. The rust drawings I have been doing create a sense of time passing in that they look old as soon as they have been produced. They also represent time passing in that they require time to produce as it takes a few days for the rust to print onto the surface of the paper. I decided to extend this time passing by producing a drawing which took a longer time to complete. This would be done by producing a life drawing, initially drawn at a life drawing class, then traced and reversed onto metal, scratched into and rust printed, then drawn back into at a second life drawing session with the same pose.

The initial life drawing
The drawing reversed and scratched into metal
The rust prints (I did two prints, one on rough and one on smooth paper)
The two final drawings


In looking at these images I think the viewer will take time to explore the work, the random and planned marks make interesting viewing, the thoughtful look on the model makes the viewer imagine what she is thinking about. The random scratches which were already on the metal sheet also add a sense of movement to the image including another unexpected sense of time. I’m not sure the time spent as an artist is immediately visible if the viewer is unaware of the processes involved, but I do feel a sense of time passing is evident.

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