Project 3: A finer focus – Production

I decided to explore the potential of doodling and continuing my work with combining random and planned mark making and the use of burning and ink.

I started off by laying 3 firework fuses across a piece of paper and lighting them to provide 3 linear burn marks across the page. I decided to contour around the burn marks with ink, but decided that they would all become quite uniform after the initial lines around the edges started to approach the centre, so I added 3 sprays of ink to also contour around and provide more interest.

I forgot to photograph this as I went along, so only have the image of the final piece:


The sprays of ink did help to provide more interesting shapes in this image, but I wonder if some different marks might have fitted better with the whole piece. I also wasn’t consistent with the gaps between the lines, as I got less patient with the drawing. Some variation in different areas works well, but I perhaps got too far apart on the edge sections.

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