Project 3: A finer focus – Research

Looking for artists who work in a meticulous way I used Vitamin D (Dexter, 2005) for my research. I have selected a few highlights from this below.

‘Fraying the ropes’ [ink on paper] (Ernesto Caivano, 2003) p.53

This is a mixture of illustrative imagery and detailed doodling, it uses a wide variety of mark making which maintains interest when exploring the image. It is very detailed and made up of precise ink lines, depicting a scene of a fantasy story written by the artist. It is the depiction of the tree branches and the scientific molecule drawings which appeal to me.

‘The World’ [mixed media on paper] (Simon Evans, 2003) p.100

This is a huge drawing (1.6mx2.2m), so is difficult to appreciate from a much smaller image in a book. The drawing is laid out as a map of an island, with the areas depicted mostly filled with text (unreadable at this scale) or doodle like drawings. The use of imaginary maps provides a structure on which to base a drawing which could be an interesting option to explore.

‘Safe and Quiet’ [graphite on wall and canvas] (Glexis Novoa, 2002) p.229

Novoa produces beautiful detailed images of dystopian city-scapes. They depict generic cities with large and impressive buildings, but devoid of any human life. The use of a bold horizon line where the city meets the sea works well with these images.

‘C 1 030502’ [pencil on paper] (Frances Richardson, 2002) p.266

Richardson only uses negative (-) and positive (+) signs to draw her images, using gradation of intensity to provide interest in the mass of repetitive marks.

‘Studio dal vero (Life Study)” [graphite on paper] (Serse, 1999) p.281

Serse draws in a photo-realistic style using reductive drawing by erasing into a graphite base. This image shows off his incredible skill in not only depicting the water splash in such detail, but also giving it added depth and contrast which I suspect wasn’t there in his photographic reference image.

(James Siena, 2004) ‘Slice’ [graphite and coloured pencil on paper] p.293

I have picked this piece because this is the kind of drawing I am planning to do for this project. Siena’s drawing here doesn’t appeal to me due to its uniformity of mark making and colour choice. However, the use of shapes similar to contour lines offers and interesting avenue to explore.

Dexter, E. (2005). Vitamin D. London: Phaidon.

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