Project 1: Found images

This project was all about collecting photographs and sketches of nature’s drawings (or urban processes).

I found that it was the patterns in rocks or rusty metal/paint peeling wood which attracted me the most.

A selection of my found images based on decay – peeling paint, wallpaper and rust :

Paint Rust 1 Paint Rust 2 Paint Rust 6Decaying House 1 Decaying House 2 Decaying House 3 Decaying House 4 Rust 1

Vertically panned trees:

Panned trees 1 Panned trees 2

Patterns in sand:

Sand 1 Sand 2

Rock patterns:

Rock 1 Rock 2 Rock 3 Rock 4Rock 5 Rock 6 Rock 7 Rock 8Rock 9

Some of the rock and sand images, remind me of Ernesto Neto’s drawings such as ‘Mito n’Água, 2009’, ‘Untitled, 1999’ (Fortes D’Aloia & Gabriel, 2013) or ‘Untitled, 1999’ (kunzt.gallert, n.d.).

I tried some drawings based on these images, using the patterns in the rocks and sand, mostly using ink:

Rock pattern sketches

Rock drawing 1Rock drawing 2


Using found drawings can be a good way of discovering a pattern, texture or shape which would otherwise go unnoticed and provide a library of inspiration for future drawings.

I used to be a photographer – something I have left behind me, at least for the moment. The art of photography is in noticing what is there in front of you and how elements fit together to form an image that ‘works’. Noticing found drawings is the same as this, it is all about paying attention to what is around you and realising that something makes an interesting shape or line. The only control you have over drawings like this is in the framing of the photograph.


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kunzt.gallert. (n.d.). Untitled. [online] Available at: [Accessed 29 Nov. 2018].

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