Project – Basic shapes and fundamental form

Exercise – Boxes and books

Image not included here as the lines were too faint to show up. I didn’t find this particularly difficult, but wasn’t very engaged with the subject, so quickly moved onto the next exercise.

Exercise – Jars and jugs

I missed the reference to jugs, but made a serried of drawings of cylindrical objects. I found these to be a much more interesting and challenging subject.

Cylinders4 Cylinders3 Cylinders2 Cylinders1

I found it much harder to draw from a higher angle when the circles became larger, especially when working with the rounded top of the water bottle. I also came a cropper when I tried working more quickly with pen and didn’t draw in guide lines down the centre of the bottle, which resulted in the bottle top being off-centre.

Exercise – Supermarket shop


I enjoyed the drawing and adding ink to this image, but again struggled with the use of colour.

Check and log

Are the objects in your drawings the correct size and shape in relation to each other?

  • More or less I think.

Do the shapes between the objects look correct?

  • I don’t think they did in the earlier drawings, but improved as I did more.

Do the objects look solid?

  • In the final supermarket shop exercise they look reasonably solid, but I think they need shadows including to improve this.

Have you managed to create the feeling of depth in your drawings?

  • Again, as best as I think they can be without including shadows I think, but I think it needs this to give real depth to any image.
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