Assignment 2 – Reflection

I think my choice of materials was good. I made a few mistakes with the colours, the main one being the browns used at the bottom of the image, but overall I think the Inktense pencils have worked well. I managed to add a bit more contrast than my initial attempts with them on the last exercise of the course, but I still struggled a bit to get as much contrast as might be ideal. The pencils don’t keep their sharpness for very long at all and, with the rough paper used, I struggled to get defined lines, so the shadows were done using shading rather than hatching. One other flaw was having to wait after wetting the inks for them to dry before continuing, which meant the drawing took quite a number of days to complete which meant I had to work on it from a photograph some of the time, as well as from life.

I think the composition works well, although a simpler plant might have been a better idea as it is a mass of green and I didn’t have a great range of green pencils available to me to complete the drawing.

I also think I worked out how to do most of the textures / colours quite well before committing myself.

I think the weakest areas of the drawing are the colour mistake at the base of the image and the plant itself, as I struggled to get the contrast, different shades of green and definition in the flower petals. I am pleased with the way the rest of the image has worked out though.

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