Assignment 5 – Follow-up

Animalcule 3 was unfinished at the time of submitting my assignment, it had the steel and bronze is a raw state. This looked good for this sculpture, but wouldn’t stay in that state, the steel would rust (quickly if displayed outdoors) and the bronze would slowly colour over time.

I liked the colours in the raw state pieces, so I started out by painting the steel silver. I then made the mistake of patinating the bronzes mostly in a blue colour. Some of them went a bit brown in colour and these work better, but the blue ones don’t provide enough contrast between the two different colourings.

A3 revised 1A3 revised 2 A3 revised 3 A3 revised 4

I think I need to strip the bronzes back and re-patinate them a brown colour. I’ll not be able to do that until after assessment though, so I will submit my original unpainted/patinated pictures and video.

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