Assignment 2 – Still life in colour

This is the point I got to before moving house and having a lot of other things on, which is possibly not the best point to take a break!

I started out by deciding that my main subject would be a flowering cactus, which had interesting shaped body and flowers (though not my natural choice of colour – pink!). I also thought I’d go for placing it on a windowsill to sketch in both the foreground and the background view out of the window.

Picking my windowsill and cactus, I made some rough sketches to determine the best composition. Working with a number of objects, I played around with their placement to try to get a cohesive group of objects.

Assigmnet 1 - Layout 1Assigmnet 1 - Layout 2

Having decided on a layout, I re-read the brief and picked up on the need for strong directional light. I had gone for a windowsill which had a nice background of a wall and tree, but where the objects wouldn’t get any direct light, so I then moved them to another location which got the sun, but unfortunately had a fairly boring background.

This is the final setup I arrived at:

Assigmnet 1 - SetupAfter having a play with some of the textures/colours before I started, I started out sketching in the locations of the different objects, then started drawing in the negative space around the plant to get the background.

Assignment 2 - in progress 1For all of the drawing, I sketched in the basic colours, brushed over them with water to change them to ink, then worked on top of this coloured background with dry pencils to build up more contrast / detail.

I used masking fluid to block out some white areas on the stone and on the shadows on the side of the window, although this didn’t work very well.

Assignment 2 - in progress 2With the window image complete and the background done, I added the base colour to the plant and wood

Assignment 2 - in progress 3
Unfortunately, I went over the top on the brown colour at the bottom of the image, which doesn’t match the colouring of the rest of the window, but when it was ink, there is no going back!

You might also notice that I modified the plant pot, to change it to a single pot rather than a pot within a pot which looked a bit messy.

Finally the image was complete:

Assignment 2 - Final piece

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