Assignment 3 – Follow-up

In my reflection I mentioned that two areas could be improved – the black background and the steel rods holding the sphere in place. Also in the development ideas I mentioned producing smaller works on the same theme.

I produced a number of smaller works as planned and ironed out the areas which needed improvement in producing these. However, when casting the spheres, a failure in the internal shell caused the mould to split and bronze to pour out into the centre. After my initial disappointment at this, I started to clean them up and realised that this had resulted in much more interesting shapes than the original wax.

Decaying pollen 1a Decaying pollen 1b

‘Decaying pollen 1’
Steel and bronze in a wooden frame

Decaying pollen 2a Decaying pollen 2b
‘Decaying pollen 2’
Steel and bronze in a wooden frame

The failed casts provide much greater interest than the originals, both in their form by making them look like they have started to disintegrate, and also in their texture through the bronze’s contact with the sand which was placed around the shell.

I intend to continue working with this series and will try to replicate the shell failure to produce more bronzes like this.

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