Assignment 4 – Development

I am pleased with the results, but for a while I thought that this was the end of the line for these sculptures for the moment and I struggled to think of any other way to develop them which excited me. The series had been interesting to explore, but I found more potential in the sphere / virus / microscopic world arena. However, after mulling over it for a while, I realised that there were 2 other areas which could be explored, both of which moved away from the straight landscape representation :

  1. Destruction of the landscape

    • effects of industry

    • fractured landscape, landscape disintegrating, holes through it

    • industrial (steel) impact on landscape (bronze) – mixing media more than just using steel for a base

    • Grid base to the map tile, showing through the holes – rusted steel or stainless steel

This is similar to the work of Angela Eames. Her work is more akin to flooding of the landscape, but it creates a similar effect.

Fractured landscape sketch

1 Fractured landscape tile

7 Tree fractured tile8 Fractured landscape no3

  1. ‘Landscape’ of the body

    • Combining landscape tiles with bronze spheres

    • Effect of viruses on the body

    • Could make a tile out of steel (how to form it)? How would get a ‘skin’ texture (etching / welding)? Or use a steel sphere on a bronze tile? Alternative would be to do all out of bronze and vary the patina on the skin and sphere?

Skin virus sketch

I will explore both of these potential developments, although the results of these explorations will have to be added in at a later date.

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