Assignment 4 – Reflection

I enjoyed exploring a theme and producing multiple sculptures on that theme. Those I thought about more or had an idea to get across, worked better for me than the ones which were put together to finish the series and had no theme other than the landscape.

Elements to take away which worked:

  • The use of found objects in the sculptures – Conistone Moor tile with skull / plants

  • Telling a story – Grimwith reservoir drowned landscape / Howgills boundary change

  • Variation in patination – the Conistone Moor tile works best for me as it is less uniform

Elements which didn’t work as well:

  • They do not really explore my use of bronze and steel together, as steel is only used for the base in these sculptures.

  • They look too similar when displayed together as the patination colour palette is the same.

  • They need to be viewed from above to work well (they could be modified by displaying as a wall mounted “picture” – something I will try out)

I am not aware of any other artists producing similar work to this, although there are many artists who are influenced by contours, usually also incorporating water. Some of these are furniture based, e.g. LA TABLE and Duffy London. Ben Young’s work is purely sculptural and particularly inspires me. I would love to do something similar at some point using sheets of glass to represent either water, or the void between two surfaces of bronze – I am thinking here about a sculpture of Hell Ghyll gorge in the Yorkshire Dales I have been mulling over for a long while – one day…..

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