Assignment 1 – Monoprints

Assignment 1 asks for a selection of prints from projects 1-4.

Contents of my submission

    1. Printing0003Early experimental prints
    2. Printing0005Early experimental prints
    3. Printing0009Still Life print
    4. Printing0017Painted plate – ‘Virabhabrasana I’
    5. Printing0023Flower
    6. Printing0037Positive mask – ‘Big Brother’
    7. Printing0043Negative mask – ‘Scribble car’
    8. 2 colour car 2Positive and negative masks – ‘Scribble car II’
    9. 3 colour monoPositive and negative masks – ‘Journey I’
    10. Backdrawing 2Back drawing – ‘Underground/Overground’
    11. Textured bird 2Textured plate & mask – ‘In flight’
    12. Back Drawing3Back drawn still life – ‘The print workshop’
    13. Birds2b‘CommonTern’
    14. Still Life2‘Still Life’
    15. Scene2‘A rainy day in the Dales’
    16. Map4‘Baras’

Assessment criteria

Demonstration of technical and visual skills

I certainly feel that my technical and visual skills are improving through this course and I hope my prints show this development. I need to keep reminding myself to reverse the image before printing as this affects the composition (for example the back drawn bird in ‘Common Tern’ should really be flying left to right across the print).

Quality of outcome

As I am still learning and experimenting, the quality of outcome isn’t as high as I hope to achieve in the future. I used cheap printer paper for a lot of my early prints, but seeing the difference in the higher quality paper used later in the course I will use this for assignment submissions in the future. I need to improve my technique for rubbing the print (particularly when using blue ink) to avoid seeing the spoon marks where these as not required (for example on the background of ‘Common Tern’). I will also mount future work when submitting it for assessment. I didn’t do this for this assignment due to lack of time and also through not leaving sufficient space around the edge of a number of my prints. I think my conceptualisation of thoughts and communication of ideas are strong though, and will improve as I develop the skills to translate my ideas into successful prints.

Demonstration of creativity

I hope this is demonstrated well. I am certainly pleased with the prints I have managed to produce, especially in project 4 where there was a wide scope to produce whatever inspired me.


Unfortunately my sketchbook and learning log is weak on this point. Whilst going through this course I didn’t really know what to do in terms of what was to go in the sketchbook and what would need to be kept aside for the assignment submission. Because of this, the sketchbook was produced after the event, rather than completing as the course progressed in the way I have done for my drawing course. It is also difficult as the prints need to dry before making notes on them or sticking them in a sketchbook. I made notes on my early experimental prints, but not on the later ones. However, now that I know more what I am doing and how the course is structured, I will keep the sketchbook going as I work through the rest of the course, so this weakness will improve. It will also include gallery visits / etc. which are absent in this sketchbook.

Tutor Feedback

The key areas to focus on from my tutor feedback on this assignment are evidence of looking at other Artists works that are of interest to me, exhibitions I have seen, books I have read and adding this to the web blog. Also, the use of a separate sketchbook purely for my ideas is advised.

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