Assignment three: Sculpture


The full size drawing was used as a template, the steel marked up and the holes plasma cut. Holes were drilled through the back plate and then marked through onto the front plate to position the threaded rods. These rods were then welded to the front plate. The surface of the steel was roughed up, encouraged to rust and left outside for a number of weeks to enable the rust to take hold. The rust was then sealed on using an acrylic medium.

p1050441 p1050442


The spheres were created in hollow wax with a hole cut in it to allow the shell to be built up on both sides and a sprue for the bronze to come in. Spikes were added to the surface and it was setup ready to shell.


I liked the look of these spheres when setup like this, so I did contemplate changing the sculpture to use the shapes created and did some comparison sketches

sketchbook015 sketchbook016

I decided to stick with the original plan though.

Once cast, they were tidied up and holes drilled through to fit a metal bar. This was then cut to size and bolts welded on the ends to fit the threaded rods and the bar welded to the sphere. The spheres were then patinated and sealed/polished.



The pieces were fitted together using copper pipe spacer and bolts.

p1050443 p1050445

To hang it on the wall, I needed something which could take the weight so I used a full length piece of wood cut at 45 degress along it’s length and fitted one section to the sculpture and the other to the wall.

p1050446 p1050447

The bronze and steel pieces fitted together well and it slotted onto the wall well. As suspected, the issue then was that it looked much better with a black background to the holes (but I hadn’t planned for that in the design).

I was running out of time and first tried a bodge job to get it finished enough to submit with the intention to go back to it later and sort it out:

p1050448 p1050449

This worked from a full frontal view, but not if you looked at it from an angle, and the change in direction of the felt over the hanging bar could be seen, so it was by no means ideal. I couldn’t bring myself to leave it like this and decided I needed to go back and do it properly.

My solution was to use foamboard covered in black felt for the holes on their own. Then for the ones with spheres in, I covered them in material and cling film and built up a cover in mod-roc. This was then painted in acrylic and covered in black felt. These were then glued to the back of the steel sheet.

p1050450 p1050451 p1050467

The sculpture then worked from all angles and didn’t require alterations to the wall to make it work.

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