Assignment three: Initial Ideas

From the initial research for this stage, Peter Randall-Page’s ‘Seed’ sculpture sparked an idea I had been mulling over before which was to look more closely at seeds/pollen microscopic images.

An idea came to me for a flat design which could be used for a door, or large wall piece. This also continues the theme of bronze spheres from part 2 of the course which turned out successfully.


The course asks for a relatively large sculpture around 60x60cm, but I am thinking more like 200x50cm for this piece. It would be a very heavy piece if constructed out of sheet steel, but it could look great. If I was to do it, there were a few questions to be answered first:

  1. Could I successfully weld thin steel? I melted holes in one of my planes pieces welding it and this would need to be as thin as possible if hanging it from a wall

  2. How could I attach the bronze pollen/seed balls to the steel without ruining the patinated surface? My box sculpture did this successfully with very small tacks, but my other planes sculpture lost some of its finish. A mechanical joint might be better, then it could be added after the steel has been rusted and treated

  3. Can I seal rusted steel more successfully? My box sculpture is now shedding some rust, so can’t have been fully sealed.

If I can sort out these issues, then I’m game to try something this large. Not sure what I do with it when it’s made, but never mind!

So, some experiments were started to resolve these issues and, at the same time, I experimented with options for the bronze spheres.

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