Project Natural form: a direct abstract carving – Reflection


The form I have created is quite pleasing, but it doesn’t mean anything to me. It was created through randomly carving shapes and I don’t feel it has any of my voice in the final sculpture. I prefer to start from an idea and develop this through to a finished piece than starting with a blank canvas.

I am pleased with the colours I have achieved in the painting of this form and also with the textures created using the plaster modelling tools.

The form has similarities to Henry Moore – something my tutor pleaded with me at the outset not to produce!

I have no doubt that the form is not more interesting due to my lack of inspiration and involvement in the process.


As mentioned above, this is not my thing. I prefer modelling to carving, starting out with an idea rather than a blank canvas, and working in materials other than plaster. The painting and texturing will be carried forwards to other sculptures, but otherwise this is again not an area I plan on pursuing further.

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