Project: A modelled organic abstraction of the human form – Reflection

Artist Statement

‘Organic Abstraction’

Designed to be made out of bronze and steel, this plaster form started life as a life drawing of a model’s knee. The form was abstracted and created with a mixture of modelling and carving techniques before adding fabric and painting to represent a bronze patina. The base is painted steel.


The transition from life drawing, to abstracted shape, to sculpture has worked well. The final sculpture retains similarities to the knee it was based on, but has become something much different now. It has similarities to sea shells or an alien egg shape.

The idea of the 45 degree steel base came to me as being painted blue, it seemed a very strong colour as I was painting it but I went for it and I think it does work well. It provides a strong contrast to the colours in the sculpture and emphasises the way it appears to float.


This was an interesting sculpture to develop and make, but I don’t feel it fits with my ‘voice’ so I don’t plan to develop this theme any further at the moment.

The 45 degree base and making the sculpture appear to float is an interesting way of displaying it which could work well for other pieces in the future.

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