Project: A modelled organic abstraction of the human form – Sculpture

I initially thought I’d make a wire frame of the sculpture to start with, but didn’t have any strong enough wire


I then worked up a cardboard structure. I also went smaller than the first attempt, to allow the piece to be cast in bronze if it looked like it would work successfully in this medium, although this piece would seem to lend itself well to being translated into any size.

plaster-knee-1 plaster-knee-2

I filled in the form with plaster bandages, then added plaster to the surface.


The surface was sanded and holes filled in with poyfilla until a smooth even surface was achieved.


I did some sketchbook tests of different material and PVA, concluding that multiple layers of thin scrim would give me the most interesting results.


This was added to the form


Finally, it was painted in acrylic paint to try to give the appearance of being made of bronze.

p1050390 p1050391p1050437 p1050438

I then had an idea about the stand – I had planned to have it laid on its side, but this didn’t really work very well, nor did having it stood up. Having a 45 degree metal plate for it to sit on seemed to offer the ideal alternative, so this is what I constructed:

p1050439 p1050440

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