Assignment 2 – Tutor feedback

Jim started the assignment feedback by discussing the success of the two ‘box and sphere’ pieces made in the projects and how these could form the basis of a series of works. He also suggested looking at artists producing similar work as a comparison – e.g. David Smith using bronze and steel combined – I have added this to my reflection on this project.

The then went on to discuss my drawings, the better ones and the weaker ones. I plan to address this properly in the next stage.

We discussed the weaknesses of my wing piece, which I recognised once I’d made it. It has strengths in the use of surface texture, pattern and colour, but it doesn’t work as a whole.

Then we moved on to the success of the assignment piece and the imaginative use of a deconstructed chair, but he pointed out that the white base board doesn’t fit with the rest of the sculpture (it is very obvious that it shouldn’t be there) and it would be much stronger without it. The wires could be fixed directly into the floor. I couldn’t do this in practice, so manipulated the image to show how this would work:

Assignment2 3 Assignment2 3 Base Removed

This is so much better than the original. I need to concentrate on bases for my sculptures as this is not the first time I have ignored this to my peril. They can seem to just be a quick finishing touch to a sculpture, but they can make or break a piece. Something to watch out for going forwards.

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