Project: A modelled organic abstraction of the human form – Initial drawings

I decided to plough straight into this project and produce some drawings before researching this field. For five life drawing sessions, I focussed on shapes which could be extracted from the figure and drew these.

Body lying down:

Body original Body sculpture

Upper body:

Upper body original Upper body sculpture


Legs original Legs sculpture


Shoulder 2 sculpture


Torso original Torso sculpture

I really enjoyed doing these drawings and was pleased with the images I produced. They are similar to Henry Moore sculptures in many ways. However thinking it through, I realised that whilst I liked the drawings, I wasn’t sure I would like sculptures based on them. The key flaw for me is the smoothness of the surfaces, whereas I like to have some texture in my sculptures to provide more interest. So, how to add texture into these? Firstly, I needed to identify which drawing to take forwards. I narrowed it down to these two:

Torso sculpture Legs sculpture

The torso drawing already has texture added in the form of the cuts used to show the tattoos.

The legs sculpture drawing could have texture added to the recessed hole in the side, or on the knee area. I think this is the one I will take forwards. I think this sculpture would be easier to produce by carving it, but the course calls for modelling at this stage, so I will give it a go.

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