Assignment two: Reflection

Due to the available space, the ‘target’ faces the wall and feels a bit hemmed in. With a larger space the ‘target’ could face out into the room with the wires traversing across it. A stronger single point light source would also enhance this work through the casting of dark shadows on the wall from the falling pieces.

I think the piece works quite well, despite being the kind of work I am not interested in pursuing. Whilst I wasn’t sure whether the randomly arranged blocks would work, I think they form interesting shapes that work better than the more aerodynamic shapes I initially though might be needed for the falling pieces.

As my tutor pointed out after submitting this piece, the base doesn’t work with this piece – it obviously doesn’t fit with the rest of the work and distracts from it. I ‘removed’ it in the image and the result was much better:

Assignment2 3 Base Removed

Although I set out to try to work on my sketches more, my lack of engagement with the subject matter meant that this didn’t happen in this stage of the course. The end result was much better than I thought I could get to, given the unpromising starting point, but I still haven’t addressed my principle weakness yet. I know that this has to change in my next stage of the course and I have already made a good start on changing this.

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