Project: A maquette for the sculpture

I started to make maquettes of my ideas and also sketched new ideas at the same time.

Working with abstract shapes, I explored simple forms which started from the idea of using standing stone shapes, but ended up looking like sails or an aircraft tail fin:

P1040305P1040317 P1040318 P1040320P1040326

The two simpler maquettes work better as it gets a bit clunky in the third more complex form.

A sketch of the centre sphere and how it might be textured with a line that might be found on a water-worn rock:


Other possible lines:


In the large sketch it was the hidden aspect of the sphere I was interested in.

I tried a few more sketches surrounding it with flat sheets:


However, when made up into a maquette it wasn’t working, it was too messy and contrived:

P1040304P1040323 P1040324

I sketched some more:


It is probably difficult to see on this photo, but a small sketch in the corner led me to think about using vertical sheets rather than bars:


This was a more successful maquette for me.

Having thought about this for a while though, I realised that I hadn’t explored the hidden aspect enough and placing the metal sheets and sphere into a box might offer the result I was looking for:


This one had legs for me and I decided to run with this for my larger-scale sculpture (in addition to one or two of the first maquette options).

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  1. hilary parle says:

    interesting development of an idea.

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