Assignment one: Final Form Maquette

My thoughts now are to take this down the war theme as that is the association it obviously has at the moment. The white coloured ‘sticks’ then don’t fit, so I’ll try painting them a darker grey than the mound (they were originally going to be made of steel rods, but I didn’t have enough) and look at reducing their number. I also have some pieces of rusty metal I might try to incorporate into the mound that might add to the impression of a barricade – worth a try.

As a barricade, this maquette is then too uniform, but that is a bit difficult to change at this stage. The main area to look at in this respect is the thin pointed end, which looks like a lizard’s tail at the moment.

I removed 6 of the sticks to make it less cluttered, then painted them a darker grey than the mound.

It was then quite drab which fit with the theme, but it did still need some colour. Bright red “blood” was the obvious colour addition, some thoughts:

  • red ‘blood’ on the ends – hurting others
  • red ‘blood’ on the base where the rods pierce it – hurting yourself
  • Both – hurting others whilst hurting yourself
  • just a few coloured, too messy otherwise

I also wondered about adding rusty metal, but decided against this in the end.

Red fluid acrylic paint was added by dripping it onto the end of 5 of the posts.

Sanctuary 1Sanctuary 2Sanctuary 3Sanctuary 4Sanctuary 5Sanctuary 6Sanctuary 7 Sanctuary 8

45cm x 57cm x 18cm
1:500 scale maquette Wood, clay, acrylic paint

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