Assignment one: Maquette

The maquette was started by cutting wooden contour shapes with a jigsaw and gluing them together on a baseboard, as well as testing what materials could be used to fill in the gaps and be painted afterwards.


The basic shape was then formed using oil-based clay, offering the opportunity to keep changing the form and whilst it will not harden to a firm surface, air-drying clays all seem to contract as they dry and crack if around wood.


The rods were then added, using wooden dowelling.


The ‘lumpy’ surface was then added using Plaxtin (not exactly sure what this is, but it also doesn’t dry). The intention had been to paint this afterwards, but I liked the colour of this so decided to leave it as it was.

P1030997 P1030998 P1040002

The next decision was what colour to paint the dowelling. I tried some coloured options, but none seemed to work.

Sketchbook035 Mockup redSketchbook036Mockup blackenedMockup metalicMockup white

The best options looked to be white, metallic/grey or black.

I started out painting the dowelling white and textured and painted the baseboard green.

IMG_6142 IMG_6146 IMG_6152

Having done this, I realised that the building is quite dark so the dowelling might be best left white rather than using the other dark colour options.

I was going to stop there, but in writing my first reflection post, my view changed.

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