Sculpture 1 assessment result


Demonstration of Technical & Visual Skills – 26/40 (65%)

Quality of Outcome – 12/20 (60%)

Demonstration of Creativity – 13/20 (65%)

Context – 9/20 (45%)

As the levels increase, the technical & visual skills decrease in importance and demonstration of creativity increases, but as these are at the same level that shouldn’t cause any problem. The area bringing my mark down though is the context mark.

Overall Comments and Feed Forward

Your drawing improved the more inventive and open your approach became as seen in the larger drawings. Endeavour to bring this approach into your sketchbook work which will help you develop this aspect of your practice further. Be determined to continue to take risks in your use of material and the ambition that you have for your work. Try to recognise when your processes are getting results and then exploit them in terms of content and concept.

You need much more reflective comment in the learning log both on your own work and the work of sculptors that you look at, including those working now and in the recent past. It is essential for level 2 that you become less descriptive and much more self critical and analytical in your comments and discussions.

I did think my result was going to be a bit better than this overall mark. It is only 2% higher than my printmaking course and I feel I have come quite a long way since this course. I also thought I had upped my game (admittedly not enough) in my “context” work, but I achieved the same mark as I did in the printmaking course. Still, my marks are going in the right direction, so hopefully I will continue in this manner.

Critical issues to address:

  • Sketchbook work – being more inventive and open, taking risks
  • Reflective comment – less descriptive and more self-critical and analytical
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